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Fitness Model / Body Builder | Fitness Coach | Entrepreneur | Investor | Personal Trainer

About Braine

A devoted fitness coach & model, bodybuilder, entrepreneur and investor, lives in Cameroon, West Africa.
Growing up he had an avid love for sports, wanting a bigger and stronger body. He is fun to be with, lover of pets, adventure and acting.

He is presently working up to gain exposure in the modelling world, get engaged with companies and participate in affiliate marketing programs…


A Dynamic group of Entrepreneurs, creating quality leadership and financial stability through a proven system that works.


what I offer

My Services

I offer support to men and women to reconnect and re-align with their vision and purpose, so they can be a plus to their community.

Personalized Workout Routines

Personalized fitness plan, designed specifically to suit your body requirements and meet your goals...

Fitness Consultation / Assessment

A user-friendly program with the objective to align personal body goals to personalized fitness/meal plans...

Personalized Meal Plans

Obtain a personalized meal plan to suit your body goals, be you a vegan, vegetarian or non-vegan...

Motivation / Follow Up

Engaging with clients in a bid to monitor progress, inspire and motivate each other in achieving our goals...

Online Store

Grab Your Health Products

Glance through my store and purchase the best, next-generation supplements, beverages and fitness apparels at moderate prices. Our supplements are of high quality and recommended for a balanced diet.

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Get In Shape

My Fitness Programs

The beginners’ introductory course has one hour of coaching and an hour of
practice in the morning with an extremely nominal


BURN Program

Customized weight loss therapy, designed to meet your needs of losing extra body fats and getting a desirable body shape.


Butt Program

Workouts are designed with no use of gym equipment to help improve the shape of your hips and legs to attain hour-glass shape.


Keep Fit Program

An amazing program designed for anyone who desires to live a healthy lifestyle.


Supreme Abs Program

The best easy Abs workout you can do at home, in order for your abs to pop and get that V-cut you’ve always desired.

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