About Braine

Braine Check, born Asanga Braine Check is a devoted fitness coach & model, bodybuilder, entrepreneur and investor, born, bred and currently residing in Yaounde, the capital city of multicultural Western African country,  Cameroon.

Growing up he had an avid love for sports, wanting a bigger and stronger body. He is fun to be with, lover of pets, adventure and acting.

He is presently working up to gain exposure in the modelling world, get engaged with companies and participate in affiliate marketing programs. As a young man, he was inspired by men and ladies who had a well carved out body frame achieved through their passion of working out, that indeed gave him the zeal and excitement about bodybuilding.

Body Fitness Enthusiasm

Due to such obsession, he began his journey to the gym at age 15, though he later gave up due to lack of financing and working out wasn’t pretty easy as it seemed.
Growing up, he became more involved in getting ripped muscles and shredded skin. At the age of 20, he went back to pursue that dream, deciding nothing was going to stop him, be it finance or work effort; he devoted himself to be committed and disciplined till he attained those goals.

In less than no time he had got the results he sought. It was really exciting to him and he was so full of pride. He then started reading on fitness modelling; what an exiting path filled with adventure, dedication and hard work, he decided to get on the field and explore. What motivates Braine more is his body frame; average height, elegant shape, perfect muscle tone and a handsome look.

Braine is very motivated to inspire people and let them enjoy the benefits of being fit.

Braine's Body Measurements

Body Metric Measurements
1.80 m
5ft 11in
41 cm
16.14 in
Upper Arm
16 cm
6.30 in
21 cm
8.27 in
22 cm
8.66 in
39 cm
15.35 in
39 cm
15.35 in
77 kg
169.76 lbs
Eye Color

Why work with Braine Asanga?

Braine is committed to deliver only the best results for clients, you would definitely love working with a genuine person as him