General instruction: Complete one set, move to the next exercise creating a circuit.
During exercise, if you feel any abnormalities or unusual pain, please stop the exercise immediately and contact us. 

Beginner level – 3 sets. | Intermediate Level – 5 sets. | Pro level – 7 sets.



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* • HIGH KNEES (30 Sec)
  1. Stand upright with your feet together and your arms by your sides.
  2. Run on the spot raising your knees as high as possible each step.
  3. Rapidly switch feet and use your arms as if running for 30 seconds.
*• PUNCHES (45 Sec)
  1. Stand upright, with arms fisted and elbows bent upward.
  2. Punch one arm straight out in front, twisting your torso slightly.
  3. Punch the other arm straight out in front.
  • Alternate punching your hands in and out. Execute exercise for 45 seconds
Saturday - 2
*• FULL PLANK (45 Sec)
  1. Step your legs back and lower your body towards the floor until your shoulders are directly over your hands, arms straight.
  2. Your body should be completely straight from heels to head.
  3. Look down at the floor, keeping your head in line with your spine for 45 Seconds.
Saturday - 3

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