Work With Braine

    Hi, I am ASANGA BRAINE and I am a fitness model, an entrepreneur and business coach/mentor, who supports men and women to reconnect and re-align with their vision and purpose, so they can be a plus to their community.

    I am on a mission to create a wave of entrepreneurs who will change their lifestyle to fit in the modern connected economy.

Time to start making a transition in your Life!!!

    Our careers and life can throw us many challenges. At times we can feel overwhelmed, lost or lacking direction and purpose.

     We could be wanting to start a new career, get our finances organized, recover from an injury, manage our time better, prioritize self-care and invest in our lives, grow and move to the next level or just want to try something new and be inspired by life again.

And that is where I come in …

    My teammates and I who are all entrepreneurs have created a movement that is, PASSION ENTREPRENEURS GEEKS, a huge project which is to change mindsets, help people become great entrepreneurs and leaders, creating cash flow to finance their personal projects or expand an existing business in the connected economy. We are on an entrepreneurial journey with the mandate to raise problem solvers.

    A passionate entrepreneurial geek, is a new age entrepreneur, who owns their own business, allowing them to create an entrepreneurial lifestyle, hence discovering a path to financial freedom, free time and a better and comfortable life.

Our Vision

We create the path to financial,  health and time freedom, helping our partners overcome debt, create cash flow to finance their personal projects and improving living standards in our community.

Our Mission

We are taking massive action today to help others and be the change we are seeking. Improving lifestyle and personal growth of every single Member.

There goes our Mission and the Purpose for which we exist

Client Testimonials

"In the midst of difficulties, I stumbled on this great opportunity. I am happy to belong and together we can change other people’s lives. Join this amazing movement now."

Eyong Ricardo

"Being an undergraduate, I decided to join this business opportunity PASSION ENTREPRENEUR GEEKS, it has changed my financial life. To God be the Glory."

Ndayong Doris

"One decision could change your life forever. I found a gold mine and took a great decision that has changed my life. PASSION ENTREPRENEUR GEEKS, I am proud to belong."

Stephane Odidi

"I discovered the power of teamwork via PASSION ENTREPRENEUR GEEKS. My potentials suddenly became limitless, it is the best place to belong."

Nji Annabel Ekinyoh